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What are the four condition of time-space matrix used in groupware systems?


The classification of groupware system is based on the time-space matrix. This time-space matrix includes different scenarios like:
• Same place same time: this includes the face to face interaction and doesn’t require anything complex. This is one of the easiest scenarios.
• Same place different time: This includes asynchronous interaction. The complexity that is involved with this is not that much but to create the interaction one has to be synchronized with another person.
• Different place different time: This includes of synchronous distributed interaction. This includes example of recording of a certain lecture and uploading it on the website so others can view and use it according to their time and place.
• Different place same time: This includes synchronous distributed interaction. This includes the example of a website that is visited by the many people at the same time and the resources are also available for them to use.

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