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What are the economic advantages of having a great customer experience?


In our consulting engagements, Creative Good measures the revenue increase after a client improves the customer experience on its site. One of our clients saw an increase of $11 million within two months of making our recommended changes. The client directly attributes the $11 million to the improvements they made to the customer experience.

But don't rely on our numbers: think about it qualitatively. Customers return to the sites that give them what they want. Once they arrive on the site, customers don't want complex technology, egocentric graphic design, or any other slick nonsense. What customers *do* want is a good experience. What do you expect to have the best economic advantage -- the nonsense, or the experience?

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What does customer experience mean to you? Why do you think it is important?How does usability relate to the customer experience? They seem quite similar, what exactly are the similarities and differences?