Public relations Question:
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What are the different work styles you observe in Public relation job?


The attention to detail when completing the task given will have the below styles:

Co-operation - This job profile requires being pleasant with others and understanding other needs, which is helpful in the job.

Analytical thinking - Job requires analyzing information and work efficiently by using work logics by addressing issues which are related to work and problems which are often faced.

Leadership qualities, which talks about your abilities to lead, take charge by offering opinions and directions.

Dependability is one aspect of public relations where you are responsible for certain areas and being reliable and dependable and obligations are fulfilled.

Integrity and initiative - Integrity is being honest and having work ethics as public relations deals with lot of people and Initiative requires the willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges.

Innovations and interdependence - In PR innovations are needed, as job requires alternative thinking, creativity to develop new ideas for work related problems.

Interdependence refers to developing one’s own way to work, guide one’s self, with little or no supervision depending on one’s ability to get ones work done.

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