Oracle Backup and Recovery Question:
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What are the different tools available for hot backups in Oracle? Is it preferable to take it manually all the time or it depends on the size of the database?


A hot backup can be done by either RMAN,User Managed Backups by puting tablespace in backup mode my OEM which does the same as the user managed backup.But the Backup depends upon the size of the database you are using . if the database size in TB the RMAN backup will take more than 10 hours to complete and if the database is critical you can' wait for long to go for so long in this case their are special backup techniques which are given by vendors like TIVOLI and Netbackup they provide BC Vol backup called Business content Volumn Sync which copies a snapshot of the primary data to another place and backsup the database from one SAN to another with in 15 min for 2 TB of database and is the preferable method for big companies.

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