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What are loggers?


Although being able to tell people that your office is a forest and you write reports in chainsaw is pretty cool, it is no surprise that chopping down trees and splitting them into lumber is not exactly risk-free. While falling trees, malfunctioning equipment and dangerous tools are obvious perils of the profession, loggers also face risk from environmental hazards such as snakes, insects and the weather. It is hard, heavy work that takes place outdoors and loggers face danger from lightning, to heatstroke in the summer, to sudden dangerous winds. Once you have got that tree trunk down and safely secured, it does not mean the danger is over. This is definitely one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Irregularities in the wood can cause dangerously large splinters to fly through the air. When thunder, rattlesnakes and exploding trees are all in a day's work, it is a wonder that there are not more Heavy Metal songs celebrating the prowess of the logger's job.

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