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What are all difference between business objects 6.5 and XI R2?


I have found some differences b/w BO and XI and only the last is specific to XIR2

Difference between BO and XI

BO uses classic BO Architecture and XI uses crystal classic Architecture

BO uses 57 tables for BO repo and 8 tables for auditor where as XI uses 8 tables for CMS and 6 tables for auditor

BO has different security domains where as XI doesn?t has no different security domains

BO, all objects are stored in repository where as in XI Objects are physically stored in Input FRS and instances in output FRS

In BO after installing we have configure, create BO mainkey where as in XI it is install and start working

In BO classic key is an xml file and it has to be placed in relevant location where as in XI a key code is there

In BO if you want to save a report to repository you have to publish that report where as in XI if you click save as and select Enterprise

IN BO, BCA and supervision are entirely separate but in XI there are merged into CMC

IN XI there is no separate auditor is there but there is an auditor database where we can create tables based on that

BO has it?s own reporting toos where as XI uses crystal reports as it?s reporting tool

BO is user centric ? means rights are assigned to user where as XI is object centric ? means rights are assigned on objects level not user level

BO ? all reports are stored in categories, in XI infoview there is folder and categories but all main storage is in folders

In XI R1 there was no concept of full client but that concept is introduced in XI R2

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