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What are Blogs?


There is nothing fundamentally different in the technology that enables blogging as a blog is very similar to other forms of on-line publishing or web sites. However, the blogger makes his or her choice of template as a pre-existing product instead of having to design the look and feel of the page from basics. In the same way that Desk Top Publishing software revolutionised print publication, where content can be dropped into ready made templates, bloggers can put their content into pages that are designed, published and hosted without the blogger needing to know anything about design, marking-up or other technical matters. One major difference, however, is the possibility of adding comments. This was rather difficult technically to achieve in the early days of the web and became more common with the rise of fora and guest books. However, where a forum was usually moderated, a blog is less likely to be so. This encapsulates the definition of Web 2.0. It isn’t so very different from Web 1.0, just much easier for individuals with no expertise to get involved. From the point of view of internet safety, however, the ease of access and use means that it is a technology that enables the dissemination of information and views that might prove undesirable for the audience and the author.

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