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What and where are the best JavaScript resources on the Web?


Answer #1
The Web has several FAQ areas on JavaScript. The best place to start is something called the meta-FAQ [14-Jan-2001 Editor's Note: I can't point to it anymore, it is broken!], which provides a high-level overview of the JavaScript help available on the Net. As for fact-filled FAQs, I recommend one maintained by Martin Webb and a mini-FAQ that I maintain.

For interactive help with specific problems, nothing beats the primary JavaScript Usenet newsgroup, comp.lang.javascript. Depending on my work backlog, I answer questions posted there from time to time. Netscape and Microsoft also have vendor-specific developer discussion groups as well as detailed documentation for the scripting and object model implementations.

Answer #2
JavaScript (JS for short) is the programming language that enables web pages to respond to user interaction beyond the basic level provided by HTML links and forms.
The links on this page lead to a variety of JavaScript tutorials and JavaScript training materials. Whether you are just starting out, wanting to learn JS basics, or are an old hand, wanting to sharpen your skills, you can find helpful resources here for JS best practices.

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