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Turning your strong point into weak point.
For example: I am a perfectionist and therefore, I rarely believe in anyone who can work as well as me. As a result, I am afraid to delegate important tasks to others. This approach has a weak side as that if you are not clever, you will cause the employer to believe that you are cheating him.

Solving your weakness absolutely.
A better approach is that you state one point which was once your weakness, but you have done well to resolve it.
For example: I tended to be a perfectionist, therefore I didn't like to delegate to others. But I have found out that in order to develop the organization, everyone in the organization must be experienced with many tasks and this is very good for an efficient team work.

► You need to show it through your attitude and voice: It is really your weakness. And, you may also state some situations how much that weakness has caused you difficulties.
► Give your solution to resolve that weakness, partly or wholly.
► Solutions to a weakness may be training, mentoring, etc

☛ This is a common question in any interview, so don't try to avoid answering it.
☛ Never mentioning a weakness that relates to a crucial requirement of the job.
☛ Don't try to make up a weakness.
☛ Don't say you have no weakness. No one is perfect, therefore, you shouldn't say you have no weakness.

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