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Underwriter Interview Questions:


► Review a list of questions commonly asked during job interviews for underwriters.
► What do you know about insurance?
► Why do you want to work as an underwriter?
► How do you evaluate risk?
► How do you mitigate exposure to loss?
► How do you handle production goals?
► How do you organize your day?
► Have you had difficulty meeting deadlines?
► What were your quotas at your last position?
► What types of loans have you worked on?
► Tell me about a difficult loan you approved.
► Are you flexible on the hours you can work?
► How do you separate yourself from other applicants?
► What do you do to stay current in the insurance industry?
► What do you know about this position?
► Name a time you used quantitative data.
► What have you done to deal with a difficult question?
► Have you ever had to come up with an innovative way to address an issue or resolve a problem?
► How do you prepare for market challenges?
► What new policy or procedure have you had to implement at a previous job, and how did you adapt to it?
► What were some obstacles you faced when working on a team?
► How do you deal with someone that does not have integrity?
► What was your worst insurance experience? Your best?
► Describe a scenario where your manager wanted to do things one way, but you suggested and convinced them of another way.
► Describe a time that you had to handle multiple priorities at once and deliver results.
► Do you know anyone who works for our company?
► What are some of the financial product offerings that we offer?

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