Microbiology Question:
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Under the electron microscope you keep at home next to your MP3 player you look at a single bacterium living in your mouth. You see a single polar flagellum stretching off from one end looking very much like a tail. A characteristic of this organism should be?


* A. An ability to stay in one place for a very long time
* B. An ability to move in the direction opposite the flagellum
* C. An ability to avoid ingestion by PMNs
* D. An ability to induce a large antibody response

Correct Answer: B

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As a budding basic scientist you work in a research laboratory and discover a chemical that removes the cell wall from bacteria but leaves the organism undamaged otherwise. Things that the bacteria will lose because of this include?On the same day the clinical laboratory identifies two strains of the same bacterial species. One of these strains has pili on the surface; the other does not. In terms of the clinical status of the two patients it is likely that?