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These are some more questions try to answer them. Compare your answers or ask your professors, family members, friends, etc to evaluate it.


1) What was the funniest incident in your college life?
2) Out of your college experience which one do you think or rate as the funniest one?
3) If you are a god what would you do to the world?
4) Which super power do you like to have and why?
5) If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find?

While answering this question don’t get flustered, be calm and creative try answering this question creatively and answer in such a way that is not a big deal.
6) If you are given a chance to travel past where would you go and specifically why?
7) If you are alone in a desert what are your thoughts? Specifically what will be your first thought?
8) Why am I asking you these questions?
9) How do you tackle stress and define stress?
10) What is your favorite book till date?
11) Who is your favorite author and why?
12) Which is your favorite food item and why?
13) Do you speak with your dog?

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Try to take your own time and answer these questions. Sometimes creativity does pay you so be creative.Remember about Funny Questions: -