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There can also be technical, mathematical and analytical questions where you have to explain them about it specifically. For example you might have been a question to?


1) Explain about the logic behind the palindrome program by a flow chart representation or Java diagrammatic representation?
2) Explain about dijkstra algorithm?
3) What is the problem with the GOTO statement why is it not so famous?
4) What do you understand about stored procedures where is it used?
5) If there is one major improvement you would like to do to a C# programming IDE what would that be?
6) Why developers are increasing for C# and not VB.Net which is very easy to perform
7) What do you think will be the future of programming languages IDE what advances can you expect?

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Some questions mentioned here are thought provoking for example in the time machine question it says that you cannot return to the current time and date.Employers should not ask about any of following, because to not hire a candidate because of any one of them is discriminatory?