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There are several versions of grep in your system. You would like to find out which grep
command is being used when you run that command without specifying a path. Which command
will provide you this information?
A. grep
B. man grep
C. list grep
D. find grep
E. which grep


E:which grep

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Bash stores commands in a history file so you can have easy access to them gain later when
needed. In SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop, what is default maximum number of entries that
this file is set to?
A. 100
B. 250
C. 500
D. 1,000
E. 10,000
What is the yast command to enter the software installation module from the command line?
A. yast sw_single
B. yast /sw_single
C. yast -l sw_single
D. yast -i sw_single
E. yast --i sw_single