Physiotherapy Question:
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The most important functions of the skin are?


(1) To regulate body temperature. The skin which is exposed
to the cooling action of the air outside, plays an important
part in regulating the loss of heat and maintaining uniform
temperature of body. This is dine by the mechanism if
dilation and contraction of superficial blood vessels and by
the evaporation of water from the body surface. In fact
this function if the skin can be compared to that of the
radiator of a car

(2)To act as a sense organ. Pain heat, pressure, cold,
touch, etc.. are all felt by the skin and conveyed to the brain

(3)To protect internal organs against external injury and
infection. Many an injury is limited to the skin. But for
skin, our bones would be cracking too often. In fact this
function of the skin can be compared to that of the radiator
of a car.
(4)To eliminate waste products through sweat glands
(5)To protect the body form harmful rays of the sun by means
of pigments of the outer skin

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