Banking Question:
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The banker's gain of a certain sum due 2 years hence at 10% per annum is Rs. 24. The present worth is:
A. Rs. 480
B. Rs. 520
C. Rs. 600
D. Rs. 960


C. Rs. 600

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The banker's discount on Rs. 1600 at 15% per annum is the same as true discount on Rs. 1680 for the same time and at the same rate. The time is:
A. 3 months
B. 4 months
C. 6 months
D. 8 months
The banker's gain on a sum due 3 years hence at 12% per annum is Rs. 270. The banker's discount is:
A. Rs. 960
B. Rs. 840
C. Rs. 1020
D. Rs. 760