Debt Collector Question:
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Tell us why are you interested in working with this company?


There are several different things that an employer may be trying to get at when asking this question. Address them all in your answer, and you’ll have a successful interview. Those things include:

☛ What do you actually know about our company?
☛ What skills do you bring to the company?
☛ Why are you even looking for a job in the first place?
☛ Why are you looking at getting a job that is below the status / pay of a previous job you’ve held?

Answer this common interview question by doing your research about the company and position before the interview and choosing a fact about the company that really interests you. Highlight this fact in the interview as a reason you want to work with the company, and then explain concisely how your skills dovetail with this.

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Tell us do you think credit is granted too easily to people who cannot afford it?Tell us what makes working as a debt collector worth your while?