Gynecologist Question:
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Tell us what qualities should a resident medical officer posses? Which ones do you have and which ones do you lack?


This is basically a variation of the strengths and weaknesses question.

But there is also a big hint stating you in the face. The position description, in particular the role statement and the selection criteria. So you can use these to your advantage.

You might start by saying something like:

“Well I understand from reading the position description that the key roles and capabilities are as such…”

This shows you have done your research and you are willing to align your opinions with the panels views of what a good resident medical officer is.

You can then go on to highlight the sort of qualities that an individual might need to meet these criteria and match them to your own.

So for example. Ability to work under pressure is often a selection criteria. So you could talk about this requires a quality of being calm in a crisis and being able to juggle a number of tasks.

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