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Tell us what has been the most difficult case that you have been assigned up till now?


The hospital that I was working for assigned me to a 12 year old child who had been admitted for what was at that time considered “bruising due to falling off a bicycle”. While I was interviewing the child, she told me that she had not fallen off a bike – in fact, her step father had battered her. She was scared that she will be sent back home and if her stepfather found out that she had told me, he would beat her again. Since she had told me her predicament, it was my duty to inform the hospital authorities. However, I had to deal with her in a psychological manner (to ensure her that she will be unharmed if I told the authorities) as well which made it difficult to handle both aspects at the same time. It was the most heart-wrenching time of my life.

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Tell us did you ever have a conflict with a supervisor? Please tell me how you handled it and what the resolution was?Tell us how do you approach a new case? What do you do to better understand the circumstances/people involved?