Case Manager Question:
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Tell us what do you feel is the most important contribution you have made in a previous case manager position?


At one position in my past, the law firm I joined did not have a system in place to ensure that everyone was properly aware of relevant deadlines and court schedules. As a result, there had been some instances of double booking and even a missed court date. In the legal context, these are extremely serious issues that can result in the derailment of a client’s entire case. Therefore, I made it my immediate priority to upgrade the firm’s case management software and ensure that all personnel were trained in its use. This ensured that everyone who needed access to a case’s schedule had it and would be able to avoid scheduling conflicts. The system also created advance reminders that enabled timely meeting of deadlines for document submissions. As a result, the number of scheduling errors decreased substantially, as did the amount of related stress and wasted productivity.

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