Bank Branch Manager Question:
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Tell us what are the types of accounts in banks?


☛ a) Checking Account:
You can access the account as the saving account but, unlike saving account, you cannot earn interest on this account. The benefit of this account is that there is no limit for withdrawal.

☛ b) Saving Account:
You can save your money in such account and also earn interest on it. The number of withdrawal is limited and need to maintain the minimum amount of balance in the account to remain active.

☛ c) Money Market Account:
This account gives benefits of both saving and checking accounts. You can withdraw the amount and yet you can earn higher interest on it. This account can be opened with a minimum balance.

☛ d) CD (Certificate of Deposits) Account:
In such account you have to deposit your money for the fixed period of time (5-7 years), and you will earn the interest on it. The rate of interest is decided by the bank, and you cannot withdraw the funds until the fixed period expires.

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