First Aid Question:
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Tell us are you able to stay on task for long periods of time?


Because a lifeguard must watch the water for monotonous periods for the infrequent episodes requiring the rescue or assistance of patrons, employers want to be sure they are hiring someone who will not become easily bored or distracted. You can answer this question by citing your discipline in sports or academics as a way to demonstrate your ability to focus. Provide concrete examples of when your prolonged dedication to a task resulted in favorable results. Tell a specific example of your dedicated focus for over an hour’s period of time. Describe how your commitment to excellence helped you stay on task and resist the urge to become bored or distracted. Avoid vague answers that don’t really tell the hiring manager what you are like. If you have previous lifeguarding experience, you could draw from those experiences to describe your focused and attentive attitude.

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