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Tell me while doing welding what are the safety measures that worker should follow?


While doing welding, workers should follow the rules like

☛ Respirator or welders mask: Use mask or respirators as per your projects, match the filter to the types of metals and coatings used
☛ Ventilation: Welding area should have proper ventilation; improper ventilation can cause “plume poisoning.”
☛ Clean and tidy area: Make sure the area you working is clean and check for any leaks
☛ Storage: Flammable substance should be kept in a proper storage locker
☛ Eye protection: Eye protection can protect against injuries due to debris and the effects of the ultraviolet light
☛ Fire protection: The sparks from welding can set fire, proper fire extinguisher should be kept in reach of the welding area
☛ Protective clothing: Body parts like hands and legs should be a cover with protective and clothes which can bear heat and spark emitted from the welding

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