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Tell me which components of Linux provides pre-written code that a developer can use?


Linux libraries contain pre-written code that a developer can reuse in their applications.
Your company purchased 5 new laptops. Laptop have Intel core i3 processor and Window 8 installed. Your network admin wants to install RHEL on them, but is concerned that it cannot be done because they already have Window 8 installed. Can this be done?
Yes you can install any operating system as long as the hardware is compatible. Hardware and operating systems are modular. Computer hardware is not tied in any way to a particular OS. Every OS have some minimum hardware requirements, if your hardware meets with that requirements, you can install that OS.
You are a network administrator, your company wants you to download the source code of latest Linux kernel for the developer team. Can you do this?
Source code of Linux kernel is available under the GPL license. Under the GPL, you are free to download the Linux source code and modify it.
Your company have less funds but need a reliable file server set up? Which OS and file server service can you use ?
Use Linux operating with NFS file service.
You have purchased new laptop and want to resell old one, but you don't want to violate any licensing for OS. What can you do to avoid violating a software license?
You can install Linux OS. All major software's for Linux are available under the GPL, those you can use without violating any software license.

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