Broadcasting Director Question:
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Tell me which Story Over the Last 12 Months Would You Have Liked to Cover and Why?


Again, wide-ranging knowledge of news are going to be essential here. But you don't need to restrict yourself to current affairs. Having a broad knowledge of science, health, environment, lifestyle, arts and business news will let your potential employer know that you have the ability to cover a wide variety of topics. But don't just grab for the hottest event from the past year. Try to think of something which hasn't been covered as much as you would have liked, which affects the publication's audience at the grassroots level. This will show you're an original thinker. Also, suggest how you would have spun the topic. This will tip off your potential boss that you're ripe and ready to get to work with the confidence to pitch your own ideas.

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Tell me what are your salary expectations as Broadcasting Director?Explain me about your education, including schools attended and degrees or certifications earned. What did you like and dislike? How has your education benefited your career?