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Tell me what is the role of services in AngularJS and name any services made available by default?


– AngularJS Services are objects that provide separation of concerns to an AngularJS app.
– AngularJS Services can be created using a factory method or a service method.
– Services are singleton components. All components of the application (into which the service is injected) will work with single instance of the service.
– An AngularJS service allows developing of business logic without depending on the View logic which will work with it.

Few of the inbuilt services in AngularJS are:
☛ the $http service: The $http service is a core Angular service that facilitates communication with the remote HTTP servers via the browser’s XMLHttpRequest object or via JSONP
☛ the $log service: Simple service for logging. Default implementation safely writes the message into the browser’s console
☛ the $anchorScroll: it scrolls to the element related to the specified hash or (if omitted) to the current value of $location.hash()
☛ Why should one know about AngularJS Services, you may ask. Well, understanding the purpose of AngularJS Services helps bring modularity to AngularJS code.
☛ Services are the best may to evolve reusable API within and AngularJS app

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