Sale Promoter Question:
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Tell me what is the one thing which you like the most about a sales job?


The job profile of an employee working in sales, includes a lot of activities.

A few of them are given below:

☛ welcoming and greeting the customers
☛ maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers
☛ responding to e-mails, queries
☛ representing their organization at various events
☛ gathering the market and the customer information
☛ understanding the need of the customers
☛ attending team meetings and creating a good rapport with colleagues
☛ providing information about the products to the customer.

You should have a clear idea about your interest area. Above a few activities are listed which are done by a sales person, mention the area which interests you the most. The interviewer will have an idea about where can you be placed.

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Explain what are the important traits a candidate needs to succeed in a sales job?Tell me the special skills and qualities you have which make you perfect for this job?