Retail Store Manager Question:
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Tell me what do you feel is the key role of a retail manager?


This question is asked to determine whether you have an understanding of what a retail manager’s position is. Use this opportunity to speak about the retail management business and what you think would be your responsibilities would be. Read up about the position! Once the interviewer is convinced that you understand the role of a retail manager, your chances of being hired are good.

Some duties and qualities required of the retail manager are:
☛ Team leadership and team development abilities.
☛ Managing the hiring process: HR activities and employee training.
☛ Workplace scheduling – Day to day operations.
☛ Problem solving skills – Communications skills.
☛ Sales management.
☛ Product and project management – Professional qualities and prioritization.

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Explain me what previous experience have you had?Tell me what makes you suitable for this retail job?