Manager Digital Marketing Question:
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Tell me what attracted you to the digital marketing industry?


You should try and answer this question as honestly as you can. Think about why you applied for your first digital marketing job – was it the reputation of the industry? Its fast-paced nature? The fact high-paying salaries were on offer? Or the fact that it’s constantly changing, growing and adapting on a weekly basis?

The employer is asking this question to test your commitment to the industry and to find out what makes you tick as a digital marketing candidate – so your answer needs to convey your commitment and enthusiasm for the sector overall.

A good answer would be to say that you were attracted to the industry because it’s got a good reputation and there are lots of opportunities available to progress your career, learn new skills and expand your knowledge. This answer shows you’re committed to the sector long-term and demonstrates that you’re a candidate who’s constantly looking to improve and enhance their skills.

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