News And Article Writers Question:
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Tell me what are the type of articles you have written? Please provide samples of at least 2 of your best?


From this question you would be able to judge the type of articles that they are ‘interested’ to write. Then you would be able to allocate specific contents to such persons depending on their interests. But sometimes, there are writers who do manage to write a variety of topics. This would mean that they have habit of reading and gathering information. Based on the type of contents that you are interested to display, you need to be careful in selecting writers. By reading the articles you would be getting to know on how much depth they are involved in the related subject. Besides, getting writers for writing technical related subjects needs to be based on their technical writing skills and their education qualification.

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Tell me have you ever contributed guest content to a website in the past? If so, what was your process for pitching? How did you find new editors to work with? In other words, how do you analyze the sites you choose to write for?Tell me what are your different writing styles and what tones of writing do you have experience with?