Broadcasting Director Question:
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Tell me what are common disillusions newcomers to the field have? Have you had your own disillusions, and if so how did you overcome them?


Low pay, lack of opportunities for quick advancement. Each year I see lists of starting salaries offered to college grads with my degree, and after 30 years, I am still making less than what today's grads would be making as a starting salary in the corporate manufacturing and tech fields. I overcame that, by, in my case, realizing that I have the creative freedom that I do, and that I can take a lot of individual pride in what I do. And the respect that I enjoy among the audience and in the regional audio/broadcasting field is immensely gratifying.

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Explain me who are the individuals that you respect most in your field, working in the world today and why?Tell me what Are Some Early "bloopers?"?