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Tell me how do you handle conflict?


Yes. I worked in customer service for a long time. When I worked in casinos I would have disagreements with players on the outcome of a game. I would usually listen to their side of the story. Then I would see if there was a chance I could have been mistaken, which would usually mean calling our surveillance team to review the hand. If it was determined that the player was mistaken, I would talk to them and explain to them the reason we came to that decision. If they were still upset I would try to diffuse them by offering them something within my power to offer them, like something to eat or tickets to our drawing or something like that. I realize that sometimes it doesn't matter if you're right, you still need to give a little.

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Explain me if an older student kicks a younger student out of a seat, how would you handle this situation?Will you do night shifts in case if we have an urgent client?