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Tell me apart from WebSphere MQ, have you used any other Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) or any other MQ Series provider?


I like this MQ Interview question to ask because many times having experience of one or more Messaging technology or Messaging Middle-ware is good. As I said earlier Tibco RV, Tibco EMS and MQ Series are some of the popular messaging technology used in Java applications. On MQ front there are couple of more MQ providers e.g. Sonic MQ and Active MQ. Active MQ is free and from Apache software foundation, which is easy to install and use. You can use Active MQ for your development and test environment. it also provide a useful Queue browser to keep track of Queues and number of message on it.

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Which WebSphere MQ version have you worked?Which algorithm is followed in retrieving the messages from the Queue?