MCSD.NET - 70-316 Exam Question:
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Tell me You work as software developer at XYZ inc. You need to develop a Windows form that provides
online help for users. You want the help functionality to be available when users press the F1 key.
Help text will be displayed in a pop-up window for the text box that has focus.
To implement this functionality, you need to call a method of the HelpProvider control and pass
the text box and the help text.
What should you do?
A. SetShowHelp
B. SetHelpString
C. SetHelpKeyword
D. ToString


B. SetHelpString

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Suppose You develop a Windows-based application by using Visual Studio .NET. The application includes
a form named XYZForm and a class named Contact. XYZForm includes a button named
cmdCreateContact. You must ensure that your application creates an instance of Contact when a
user clicks this button. You want to write the most efficient code possible.
Which code segment should you use?
A. Contact contact = new Object();
B. Contact contact = new Contact;
C. Object contact = new Contact;
D. Contact contact = new Object;
You use Visual Studio .NET to create a Windows-based application. The application includes a
form named XYZForm, which displays statistical date in graph format. You use a custom
graphing control that does not support resizing.
You must ensure that users cannot resize, minimize, or maximize XYZForm. Which three actions
should you take? (Each answer presents part of the solution. Choose three)
A. Set XYZForm.MinimizeBox to False.
B. Set XYZForm.MaximizeBox to False.
C. Set XYZForm.ControlBox to False.
D. Set XYZForm.ImeMode to Disabled.
E. Set XYZForm.WindowState to Maximized.
F. Set XYZForm.FormBorderStyle to one of the Fixed Styles.
G. Set XYZForm.GridSize to the appropriate size.