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Technical Tasks Budget Analyst Interview Questions:


☛ What computer systems would you use to prepare illustrated technical reports using graphs, spreadsheets and draw charts?
☛ What various securities in this industry are you familiar with and how would you compare and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses?
☛ How do you interpret data concerning investment programs?
☛ Can you define price yields, stability economic influences, future trends and investment risks?
☛ How do you acquire knowledge of developments in the field of industrial technologies?
☛ Can you relate some basic business, finance and economic theories?
☛ What monitoring skills do you possess involving economic, corporate and industrial developments?
☛ What steps do you take when preparing plans of action for financial analysis?
☛ Have you presented oral or written reports on entire industries, individual corporations or economic trends?
☛ Can you describe some recommendations you have to companies or individuals concerning investment procedures?
☛ How do you attract new corporate clients?

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