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Suppose when I run the NetWare Btrieve v5.15 NLM with some applications on NetWare v3.11, retrieved Btrieve data is incorrect (but not corrupted). It appears, as if the wrong records are being accessed intermittently. What should I do?


To ensure the data retrieval correctly by Btrieve:

- Use the latest version of NetWare Shell - IPX v3.10, NETX v3.22 or NETX v3.26

- Make sure that latest BREQUEST.EXE is running

- Verify the Btrieve data file's page size

- If the pages are not evenly divisible into 4k, NetWare mishandles the pages

- Use only the pages of sizes 512k, 1024k, 2048k, or 4096k.

- The situation would be resolved by using NetWare Patch ASNCROFX.NLM

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