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Suppose if you need to save a certificate request in a file system directory by using Oracle Wallet
Manager. What would you do?
A. export the certificate request
B. use the File > Save As option
C. import the certificate request and save it
D. upload the certificate request to the Directory Service


A.export the certificate request

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Suppose if you require a certificate for your Web server. Which tool would you use to create a
certificate request?
A. OCA User pages
B. Oracle Wallet Manager
C. Application Server Control
D. Oracle Enterprise Security Manager
Suppose if you execute the following command in your Oracle Application Server 10g installation
to start the Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Server Instance with a new instance ID:
$ oidctl connect=infra server=oidldapd instance=1 start
The command does not error out. But while trying to locate the server instance using the
Process Status (ps) operating system utility, you realize that the instance has not started.
What could be the reason?
A. The OID Listener process has not started.
B. The OID server processes have not started.
C. The Oracle HTTP Server process has not started.
D. The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Monitor process has not started.