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Suppose i want to code a rexx program in order to get the inputfile and output files of jcl. i want code snippet or the coding for this?


If you know the ddnames of the files being used, then you
can get the infor via the LISTDSI function.
rc = LISTDSI( ddname "FILE")
If the rc = 0 then the dsname is in de variable SYSDSNAME.

If you do not know the ddnames of the files allocated to
your program, you can get the information via TSO with:
Address TSO "LISTA" or Address TSO "LISTA STATUS"

Set up OUTTRAP first so you can capture the output and via
REXX scroll through it.

The difference between LISTA and LISTA STATUS is that LISTA
will only give the datasetnames of all allocated datasets.
LISTA STATUS will give you the ddname followed by all
datasets that are allocated to the ddname for all the

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