IBM Certification Question:
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Suppose a customer is attempting to determine what failed during the last boot sequence of the Linux
partition. Which of the following can be used to determine the error condition?

A /var/log/messages
B /proc/startup
C /usr/sbin/log
D /etc/boot



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Explain Which of the following is required for the DB2 optimizer to consider a hash join strategy?

A. Equijion predicates
B. Optimization level 1 or above
C. Registry variable DB_ANTIJOIN=YES
D. SORTHEAP large enough to contain the tables being joined
Which of the following extenders allows data to be presented in a three?dimensional format?
A.DB2 AVI Extender
B.DB2 XML Extender
C.DB2 Text Extender
D.DB2 Spatial Extender