Siebel Realtime Question:

Suppose In an Applet we have a Button When we click on that Button we need to get an Business service. How we are going to do it?


Populate Method Invoked of button(control). Add a BC user property for invoking BS using method mentioned on applet control

For script currently in PreCanInvokeMethod that always permits a method to be executed, make use of the Named Method n User Property. Using the existing script on PB Sales Activity Form Applet as an example, the process for making use of the user property instead of the existing script is as follows:
Add a new applet user property to the applet:

Named Method 1: mthdGotoAccount 'INVOKE', mthdGotoAccount

Note: This user property only works with the CSSFrameBase (for form applets) and CSSFrameListBase (for list applets) classes.

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