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Some of the things which you should have on your desk are


1) An updated resume which contains all the information about your project.
2) Project report and a short list of accomplishments
3) Have a Pen and paper handy for jotting down any important piece of information.
4) Call waiting should be turned off.
5) Be free from external noise turn off your stereo or music player, tell your family and friends to stay put for sometime, Shut the dog, etc.
6) Make sure that you avoid cell phone and prefer a landline instead because a cell phone can have a dropped call, a static influence, etc.
7) Have all the things spread on your desk which are deemed to be important. Most importantly be far from distractions.

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When you are attending a telephonic interviewInterview determines your career progress and it details about your job prospects. There are some dos and don’ts which should be taken care of during the interview they are