Teen Question:

Some of the dressing tips for you are: -


) Try to have a professional look. Make sure that your hair and nails are well groomed. Avoid any fancy items which can negate your prospects of getting a job. Avoid using excessive perfume and bad breath because you will be speaking with the interviewer for quite sometime.
2) Wear khakis and a well suited matching shirt. Get some good shoes which give you a professional look polish it if you can. Have some dark colored socks to match your shoes and khakis.
3) Avoid jeans, shorts, tank tops, crop tops, low cut shirts or pants, too short skirts and blouses, etc which can negate the prospects of the job. Wear clothes in which you are comfortable and they should give you a professional look.
4) Ask your mom and dad to help you out with the interview process, take their help, tell them to pose some random questions and try to answer them. When you are going to the interview make sure that you go in and answer it ask your mom to stay outside.

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When you go to interview at any point in your life first make yourself and the interviewer comfortable.Before going to the interview carry a:-