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Social media Job Interview Questions:


☛ What is the purpose of social media?
☛ Give an example of when you have had to write a social media strategy explain how you approached this task
☛ What are the differences between writing for traditional web channels and writing for social media?
☛ Why do you think we should use social media?
☛ In what ways do we need to be careful when using these tools?
☛ How do you measure social ROI?
☛ What is your experience managing multiple social media accounts?
☛ What social media tools have you experience with?
☛ Which social media brand strategy has inspired you lately?
☛ What is your policy on moderating comments?
☛ How does social media affect SEO and your online profile?
☛ Can you tell us about some of the challenges you have faced when introducing social media in your previous job, and how you overcame them?

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