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Skills-based Caregiver Job Interview Questions:


☛ Describe for me how the experience on your resume has helped you build the skills necessary to be a good caregiver.
☛ Imagine that you’re finding a caregiver for one of your loved ones. What traits or skills would be most important to you for this caregiver to have?
☛ What do you believe is the most important skill for a caregiver to have? Tell me about a time when you’ve demonstrated this skill, as a caregiver or in another line of work.
☛ Share an experience with me of a time when you realized you lacked a particular skill required for your job and explain what you did to develop that skill.
☛ What trait or skill of yours do you think clients will value most?
☛ What is a work-related skill that you are excited to develop more?
☛ If you were hiring someone for this position, what are the top three skills or traits that you would look for?
☛ In what skills area do you feel most qualified to be a caregiver and in what area of skill do you feel the least qualified to be a caregiver?

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