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SEM/SIM Security information management questions


SEM/SIM Security information management questions. If the company has a security information management system, and the interviewee is familiar with the technology already, ask them how they would build out a regex (regular expression) to filter out java script from html code for sites that use a lot of java script. The reason for asking this question, is that even if they can not answer it directly, if they know where to go, or are familiar or comfortable with regular expressions, they can cut just about any script in language of choice to filter data out of very long logs, or other systems. This is a great open door question to asking the interviewee which scripting language they like, how they would use it, and follow on conversations about scripting. The answer to the question is " /<(W*)(SCRIPT|OBJECT|PARAM|EMBED|I?FRAME)([^>]*)>/js"

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I have been hearing a lot about firewalls, but I am not sure what it is or if I need it. Can you help?Use the out put from any network security scanner, which ever network security scanner is used by the interviewer