Guidance Counselor Question:
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Role Specific Guidance Counselor Interview Questions:


► What do you like about working with (elementary/middle/high school) students?
► How is your role different from that of a social worker, mental health counselor, or school psychologist?
► How much experience do you have with LGBT students?
► What has been your experience with special education students?
► Describe the profile of an at-risk student.
► How do you manage cultural differences in a school setting?
► Describe your experience with group counseling.
► Talk about the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP plan.
► What situations might call for a behavior management plan?
► Recall a time you resolved a problem with a difficult parent.
► In what ways do you balance the needs of students, parents, and school administrators?
► In what ways have you helped students cope with grief, loss, or mental health issues?
► What factors would you consider before recommending an outside agency referral?
► In what ways have you coordinated efforts with other school specialists towards a common goal?
► How do you keep up with current trends or news in the field of guidance counseling?

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