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Please tell me what are the different types of extensions used by VMWare?


1. .log: is used to keep a log file to maintain a key for VMWare. This file allows user to see the problems encountered during any installation or while using VMWare.
2. .nvram: is used to store the state of the virtual machine in system’s BIOS.
3. .vmdk: is a virtual disk file that is used to store the content of virtual machine.
4. .vmsd: stores the information and metadata of the system’s snapshots.
5. .vmsn: is used to store the snapshot state. It stores both the running state and the time when you have taken it.
6. .vmss: stores the suspended state of a virtual machine.
7. .vmtm: stores the configuration team data.
8. .vmx: store the primary configurations for the new virtual machine.

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