Logistics Manager Question:
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Operational and Situational Logistics Manager Interview Questions:


☛ What are your main daily duties?
☛ What goals would you set on a quarterly and annual basis? How would you monitor their progress?
☛ What's your experience with automated warehouse systems?
☛ How do you keep track of stock levels?
☛ Are you familiar with ISO requirements and health regulations?
☛ How do you measure transport costs?
☛ What project management software have you used?
☛ How do you perform a blind count?
☛ Describe how you coordinate order shipping.
☛ How do you schedule shifts for your team members?
☛ If a supplier informs you there's going to be a significant delay in their shipping, how do you deal with it?
☛ How do you evaluate your team performance?
☛ A manufacturer you've been collaborating with for years announces an increase in their prices. What do you do?

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