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On which conditions we can determine pricing procedure and how condition types and access sequence actually work?


For Determine the pricing prodecure we need to follow the
condition technique.
There are some basic elements combine to make the pricing
like :_
1:- pricing
2:- Discount & Surcharge
3:- Freight
4:- Taxes

All these works upon certion condition technique :-

a):-We need to define condition table which is a
combination of fields . these are required for maintain
condion record.
B):- Define access Sequesce ( It is the search strategy)
And need to assign the condition table to it. as per the
required. there are n numbers of condtion tables we can
assign .
C):- Define Condition type . And assign the access sequence
to it. ( One one access sequence will assign to once
condition type.
d):- Define pricing prodecure ( you define which condition
types should be taken into account and in which sequence).

Then determine the pricing procedure :-

Sales Area ( Sales org, Dist Channel , Division)
Customer procing procedure from Customer master record
Document Pricing procedure from the order/Billing type.

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