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List the different types of Queues?


The following are the types of queues:
1) Model Queue:
A queue definition is called a model queue. It is used when a dynamic queue is created
2) Alias Queue:
Another name for a local queue or a remote queue. It's usage is for security and maintenance
3) Remote Queue:
Remote queue is a queue definition pertaining to another Q Manager
4) Initiation Queue:
It is a local queue. Queue manager writes a trigger message at the time of meeting certain conditions on another local queue
5) Dynamic Queue :
A dynamic queue is created 'on the fly' on demand by the application. The dynamic queues may be retained or automatically deleted when the application program ends. It is used to store any intermediate result
6) Cluster Queue:
A local queue. It is known throughout a cluster of queue managers
7) Reply-to-queue:
A request message must have the queue name, into which the program that is responding must put the reply message

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